Why we should invest in Arts and Antiques – Some useful advices by Faisal Ali Qane

Faisal Ali Qane is the CEO of Majestic Arts and deals globally in this business. He started his business as a Karakul fur trader and having established himself there went on to be a successful art trader and verifier and now owns an art gallery in U.A.E. Qane has worked with prestigious fur trading brands such as Prada, Dior, Chanel, Armani, and more and has a network in central Asian countries. He is a man who is described as seeing and appreciating the beautiful contradictions in life which translate to his art. He furthered his arts career by allying with legendary (100) technocrats who were masters in applying the
Multispectral imaging techniques used for the authentication of art, a business that deals in big cash.
He has advised multiple renowned entities and bankers. His technical skills combined with his meticulous knowledge have helped him cross the 6-billion dollar mark. A man who sees the beauty in trauma, light in the darkest places, and collateral beauty in the most severe of tragedies.
Fortunately for us Faisal Ali Qane has left ample advice for us in his field painted with his experience. 

Why Invest In Art?

The first then the question arises, why art? Well, Faisal Qane’s philosophy is that with all the things to invest in this age, we should try our luck in art as it is not as risky and as complicated as real Estate, Stocks, Bonds, etc. and is also very profitable. With a few successful art pieces deals, we could be dealing with hundreds of thousands of dollars. 
Moreover, when an art piece is sold, its record of sale is maintained by the owners. So usually the renowned paintings have all the records of the hands that it has changed. However, access to this record can be difficult and exclusive. Here again, Faisal Qane’s advice for investors can come in handy since he personally and exclusively has access to the trading record of many such paintings.

Faisal Ali Qane
Faisal Ali Qane

Faisal’s advice on the scope and experience of Import and Export:

Faisal was successful because he knew trading, imports, and exports. His advice can be summed in the following main points:

  1. Invest in Art, because it is less risky and more rewarding. However, dealing in Arts is not everyone’s cup tea, so you need experience in order to sift the original and authentic paintings from a bogus one.
    There are plenty of scammers lurking out there and that’s why knowledge of evaluating original Art pieces is essential for investing in this business. Moreover, the amount involved in these deals is hefty, so even single wrong trading can cause a loss of millions of dollars. Hence, it is pertinent to trust an expert in the field who can take the risk for you and reward you accordingly.
  2. Gain experience and skill in it and advise others. If Faisal Ali Qane had just dealt with the trading of art he would not be here and content would have been written about him on the internet. He was an expert in his field so he offered his services to others and gained trust, and today his brand is a known name among many.
  3. Knowledge of the trading laws is important. His fur business allowed him to thoroughly study the import and export laws of multiple Asian countries and the U.A.E where he is now based. With this knowledge, he takes advantage of the best trades and sales. So he advises other potential businessmen to get the benefit from his befitting knowledge in this field. If you have money to invest in the importing or exporting items, especially Arts, then Faisal Ali Qane is the right person to avail of services from in this regard.
  4. Trust is indeed the essence of trade. He has worked with many art sellers verifying their painting and has thus gained their trust. This gives him benefits wherever he goes and with this, he has made his own network of sellers and buyers.
    The fur trade business Faisal’s advice can also be used in order to understand the nuances involved in the Fur business. Since Faisal Qane initially began his career through this business, his experience in this field is vast and matchless. So he can impart very useful knowledge if any investor wants to trade in Fur. Hence, if anyone of you wants to invest their hard-earned money in a business where the return is plenty then the advices of Fasial Ali Qane are the way forward for any sane investor.