Faisal Ali Qane is the CEO of Majestic Arts Global and is a renowned figure in arts. He has an immaculate aesthetic sense and a passion for arts, culture, and paintings. This has enabled him to build a huge collection of artwork and paintings. This collection includes high-end paintings, renaissance arts, post-modern arts, Islamic arts, medieval arts, and many more.

He is now on a mission to convert his passion and skills into a business opportunity after working his way through a vast network ranging from Germany, France, Italy, and Luxembourg to now in Dubai. After realizing the potential of art trading in a cultural hub like Dubai, he has now successfully tapped the UAE market.

Over the past few years, he has seen phenomenal growth in dealing with artwork and paintings. Today, he has taken his art gallery to new heights by forging the way for pioneering artwork through Majestic Arts. It has also helped him establish long-term professional relationships with the elites of the world who now work with him constantly to trade in works of art.

Expertise of Faisal Ali Qane

Art is universal but it requires people with a fine sense of artwork to find incredible pieces. He is an expert and can provide valuable advice when it comes to Indian Arts, Renaissance, and Islamic art, to medieval and impression art.

He is an art lover’s one-stop solution to find or sell top-notch work through this platform. Over the years, he has supported art in the UAE by organizing many successful art exhibitions.

Faisal Qane also provides a wide range of arts-related services including arts trading, art evaluation, restoration of art pieces, and many others. Let’s take a look at the services he provides one-by-one:

Authentication of Artwork

In a world where duplication of work and plagiarism are ripe, he helps art-lovers differentiate the original from a copy. This is an important service provided to art connoisseurs.

Restoration Service

The works of art can be thousands of years old and in the process of exchange, these might suffer minor damages or major issues. He not only helps locate these pieces of art but also provides support for their restoration.

Evaluation of Artwork

Many art-lovers around the world are passionate about collecting the best art pieces out there, but they don’t have the means to evaluate those pieces of art using the latest technological tools and modern equipment. He has gained expertise in the field of evaluating artwork and is now a leading service provider for it.

Arts Exhibition

After its successful launch in Europe, this person is now a brand in the arts and culture industry in the UAE. He is the go-to person for many high-class individuals and entities for dealing with works of art and promoting culture.

Future Plans

He continues to engage with the art-lovers in this part of the region for the promotion of arts and culture. He intends to explore the depths of his passions to provide top-notch arts-related services through Majestic Arts located in  150 Floor Burj Khalifa Dubai.

Making Dubai his destination choice was a strategic decision on his part since it offered promising opportunities. People from different parts of the world gather in the business hub and boost business activities. In the hindsight, the decision proved to be a successful one as Majestic Arts have become a hub for trading and evaluating works of art.

Final Words

Art is incomplete without dedication and passion, Faisal Ali Qane was able to make it big in the industry due to his sheer determination and persistence. The future holds promising prospects for this individual and anyone who engages with him to work on arts and culture.