What is the fur trade?
The fur trade is a worldwide industry, though not popular at present, but it is indeed an important one. It deals with acquiring and selling animal fur to and from various countries. In the past, it used to be a big industry and people used to rally to making investments in this business. Today, however, it requires extensive knowledge and experience to set foot in the fur trading business.

The misconceptions about the fur industry:
The fur industry has lost its past glory because of the animal rights organizations that are actively engaged in discouraging the slaughter of animals and using the fur for making valuable products. Despite these efforts, however, fur trade has survived and can be performed legally if the trade is carried out by following the national and international laws.
Another reason why people do not engage in the fur industry is that many consider it to be against religious and moral sanctity. Many people wrongly believe that slaughtering animals for the purpose of personal benefits is against humanity.

The reality behind Fur Trade:
The reality behind the Fur Trade industry is opposite to what is commonly believed by the people and organizations. In the Muslim countries, for example, the animals are slaughtered on the occasion of Eid and the skins/fur of the animals are then traded across the Muslim world and beyond. This industry has immense potential. It can create jobs for a number of people. Even in remote areas, small industries can be established and people can be trained properly to skin the animals and bleach their fur for export purposes.
It will bring huge benefits for not only the businessman but for the community as well. The major clothing brands such as Gucci and Armani sell coats made of animal fur. Moreover, there are laws that protect this kind of trade. It is important to understand these laws and make the investment accordingly.

Faisal Ali Qane

Advices by Faisal Ali Qane for being successful in the fur industry:

A. Look at the big picture
Many people waste a valuable opportunity because of the misconceptions associated with
the trade of fur in the industry. Fur Trade is still a popular choice of business for many a
businessman. The industry still holds immense potential for investors. All the giants of the clothing industry use animal fur to augment their clothing business.

B. Find the legal route
People may become reluctant to invest money in the fur industry because of the stigma
associated with it. They do not explore the legal options available to them and choose
alternative investment opportunities. Even though there exist the laws that facilitate fur
trade across various countries which include the countries from the Muslim world and the
Western world.

C. Establish small industries
Faisal Ali Qane invites people to establish small fur trading industries in remote areas. This can create job opportunities for the downtrodden people in society. Moreover, it can boost the fur trading business and can become a viable business option for big
investors. People in the far-flung areas can be trained in this skill of properly skinning,
bleaching, and preserving the animal fur.

D. Seek expert advice
Investing in a new business can be a challenge for investors. So it is important to seek expert advice. The fur trading business is not a renowned avenue of investment in the
contemporary business environment. So Faisal Ali Qane, with his years of experience and
expertise, can provide essential advice to the investors. He has traded in the Fur Industry for more than a decade now and is available to provide his valuable services to potential business partners across the world.

Despite all the misconceptions regarding the animal fur trade industry, it is a potential area of investment that offers maximum value to the investors. There are certain pre-requisites to consider before setting foot in the fur trading business. The Advice shared by Faisal Ali Qane is valuable input from an experienced professional in the field. So if you are an investor who wants to make it big in the fur trade, these devices will surely help you to get a good start.