Jeff Bezos has left an indelible mark on the entrepreneurial world. He is the founder of the famous company called Amazon. Today the entire western world is ordering various products from this website. However, the idea behind this is given by none other than Jeff Bezos. He left a high paying job in the Wall Street and went on to found an online bookstore and later expanded its operations to include various products and services. Today it is listed as one the largest retail business of the world. Jeff Bezos has a lot to teach the young entrepreneurs and for this reason we have decided to include his advices for the benefit of our valuable readers.

Have no place for regrets

In one of his interviews given to university students, Jeff Bezos said that even though he worked for very long in Wall Street and that he could have utilized that time to build Amazon even earlier but then he says that everything come in time for those who know how to wait. So everything thing happens at a particular time in life and that one should not have any regrets about the past because that can halt current progress by taking up a chunk of your time.

The way of the heart is to be followed

Every young entrepreneur has two options according to Jeff Bezos. One is to follow the head and stick to the tried and tested methods, the other is to follow your heart. The latter is always the correct choice because the inner voice intuitively always tells you what you really want and when you really want something you are able to find a way to do it. So always follow your heart when making decisions rather than just thinking through your head.

Product is more important than marketing

Most of the big companies would disagree with this advice given by Jeff Bezos because these companies rely so heavily on marketing their products and services. However, Jeff Bezos believes that if those resources are channelized towards improving that product/service then people will not require marketing to try that product and service. The quality of the product will automatically attract the customers and artificial methods like marketing a product heavily should be avoided.

Be customer-centric

It is a jargon in the business world that customer is the king. So according to Jeff Bezos as well the needs and aspirations of the customer should be taken into account while offering a product or service. Amazon has one of the most easy-to-use interface on its website and it facilitates the customer in any and every way it can. Jeff Bezos believes that a company’s stands on the pillars and those pillars are its customers, so strong pillars are only possible if they are offered the best quality and attention by the company.

Do what you are passionate about

Jeff Bezos advises that if passion is missing from work it will ultimately become redundant and boring. So it is very important for an entrepreneur to be passionate about his/her work. If interest in the work is lost and it will become impossible to sustain the business. To support his advice Jeff Bezos says that Bill Gates was successful because he loved programming and there are numerous other examples as well.

Take a risk

In one of his interviews, Jeff Bezos says that when he left the job at Wall Street people criticized him to an extent that he started doubting his own decision. However, he was convinced that without taking this risk he won’t be able to achieve what he really wanted. So he started his journey as an entrepreneur and went on to found Amazon, the world’s largest retail business in the world.