If you want to be a great businessman must follow the advices of Faisal Ali Qane

The advice for success should always be sought from those who have made a name for themselves in the world of business. Faisal Ali Qane, the CEO of Majestic Arts, is one such figure in the business world. Today, he has gracefully agreed to share his secrets of success on our platform. These are lifestyle advices for the young lot who are out there to make it big in the business world.

Faisal Ali Qane Success
Faisal Ali Qane
  1. Test yourself by a challenge

    You can never have an idea about your true potential unless you push yourself to the limits. Challenges either make us or break us as a person. Successful are those who challenge themselves from time to time and keep on building their capabilities to rise above those challenges. For example, if a person does not know how to invest, he can challenge himself to earn a particular amount of money by the end of a year, once he has the deadline, he will automatically push himself towards that goal. So Faisal Qane’s first advice is to challenge yourself to grow big.
  2. Work should be your passion

    Many a time it happens that people jump into the field, a waste considerable amount of time and resources but later on realize that they are not suitable for that field and discover that they should be doing something else with their lives. Such a tendency can be avoided if work becomes your passion. Always try for a job that you would love to do. Otherwise, with the passage of time, your performance and efficiency will only dwindle.
  3. Risk-taking attitude

    No businessman has grown big without taking a risk. However, smart and calculated risks are to be taken. Proper research is to be conducted before jumping into the field. There should always be a fine balance between foolish investments and risk-taking strategies. If the risks are well taken then the reward is multiplied manifold.
  4. Belief in the abilities

    The owner of the renowned car company Ford once said, “There are two types of people, ones who say that they can, and the others who say they can’t, both are correct.” So if you tell yourself that you will be able to achieve something, then you will realize that all the energies around you will help you achieve that goal, but if there is negative thinking then, as per the words of Faisal Ali Qane, you can’t achieve anything in the business world.
  5. Being visionary

    According to Faisal Qane, a person should have a vision about what he/she wants to achieve.
    Then they will be able to materialize that vision. An aimless person on the contrary just wanders here and there without achieving success in any field. All the big names in the world of business such as Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, and many others they had a vision for their companies, and they all grew big because of that vision.
  6. Keep good company

    In order to change yourself, you have to analyze the kind of people you hang-out with, if you think that these are not the right people to hang-out with, then it’s about time that you changed your social circle. The owner of Linked In once remarked that you should be around those people like whom you want to become.
  7. Actions speak louder than words

    This is one of the most important advice, as per Faisal Ali Qane, he says that people around the world have excellent ideas; however, devoid of any action, these ideas are useless and mere thoughts. So if you want to be successful ahead in life, then it’s about time that you stopped thinking and started acting on what you want to achieve. Most of the people in the world are just daydreamers. Don’t be like those people!
  8. Time as an investment

    Success is not an overnight phenomenon, it requires a lot of time and effort. Only those people reach the top who are willing to work at the bottom. For this reason, time is a major investment according to Faisal Ali Qane. You should be able to and willing to work long hours for your projects and companies in order to grow big with the passage of time. So time is an investment that is to be made.
  9. Mistakes are a teacher

    When you are new to a field, you are bound to make mistakes, but only those rise to the top who are ready to take responsibility for a mistake and learn from it in order to improve. The mistakes that you make keep on decreasing with the passage of time and this process of learning helps you achieve your true potential. So Faisal Ali Qane suggests that you are to learn from your mistakes as a beginner.
  10. Always do more than expected

    The business world is full of cut-throat competition. In order to stand-out in this competition, you need to put your best foot forward. So when completing orders of delivering your projects,
    always try to do more than what is required. This advice goes a long way in helping the young entrepreneurs achieve their true potential in the world of business and make a name for themselves.