The founder of the world’s largest social media platform, Facebook, is an inspiration to many young entrepreneur. Mark Zuckerberg’s life-changing advices for the innovators of this century are remarkable. Owing to his achievements and success in the business world we have decided to share some of his most valuable advices that would help young entrepreneurs shape their future in a better way.

You get what you strive for

In one of his interviews, Mark Zuckerberg says that people spend their time doing various activities. However, the thing that they strive for the most takes most of their time and people usually get what they spend their time on. So in order to be successful, a person needs to spend maximum time on achieving that success as there is no shortcut to it.

Feedback is important

According to Mark Zuckerberg, getting feedback on any project is the key to success. There can be no improvement in the processes unless an entrepreneur seeks constant feedback from others. He cites his own platform Facebook as an example, numerous features have been added to Facebook over the years based on the feedback provided by users and the team working at Facebook.

Make mistakes

The fear of making mistakes often lead people to inactivity. So never fear making mistakes and keep on trying new things. Creativity spurs from constant action and even making mistakes and creativity is the key to successful entrepreneurial ideas. If you want to make it big, then you have to be ready to make mistakes in the process and keep on improving until you achieve your desired goal.

Hiring those people who you would work for

The right people for the right job are important according to Mark Zuckerberg. But he adds to the idea by giving a simple formula for hiring the right people. He says that only those people should be hired who you would work for, it means they have the traits to lead an organization and take initiative. The right person is the one who would make an excellent boss if he led you to a team. It is one of the most original formulae as presented by Mark Zuckerberg.

Bring a change to the world

Mark Zuckerberg’s advice to young minds is to work on an idea that can bring a change to the world. Facebook changed the way people interacted in this world. It provided a platform for the people to find their loved ones and their school friends. This simple idea brought billions to the platform and it is now the biggest social media platform of the world. So Mark Zuckerberg’s advice is to look for an idea that can bring a lasting change to the world.

Those around you can teach you

As per Mark Zuckerberg’s advice, every individual around you has something to teach you. So keep your eyes and ears open to learn from their values and experiences. The idea of a platform like Facebook was not an overnight intuition but a constant process that evolved to shape this platform. In the process, Mark Zuckerberg suggests that he learned from the people around him and this helped him achieve success.

Team building is important

An individual can only do so much, so a viable team is important in order to sustain an organization. No idea can thrive without the contribution of a team. Facebook has been able to sustain and expand its operations around the world only because Mark Zuckerberg built a team that helped him do so.

Don’t take it easy

Most young entrepreneurs according to Mark Zuckerberg take it easy when it comes to working with their entrepreneurial ideas. Some only dream about ideas that would work but their dreams never materializes because they do not work towards that goal and tend to take it easy. So the advice for these types of creative thinkers by Mark Zuckerberg is to not take it easy and care about it the most.