Faisal Ali Qane is known for his luxurious lifestyle and his passion for sports cars. He has been inclined toward luxury cars and sports vehicles for a long time. The idea of Qane motors began as a simple thought that culminated into a lifelong passion for him. He had a large collection of luxury cars and after some time he wanted to promote this interest with like-minded people so he started a chain of Qane Motors.


Mr. Qane already owns an investment holding company called Qane Investment Holding that has successful business operations in various sectors around the world including Qane Energy, Qane Education, and now Qane Motors. He wanted to add to this portfolio and thought of converting his passion for luxury cars into a passionate business opportunity.

This is how he came up with the idea of Qane Motors and initially launched his chain in Europe and expanded it to the Arab world. Today, it’s a part of Qane Investment Holding Company and has been successfully running its business operations in different parts of the globe. He also works with car enthusiasts to share their passion and help them discover the right set of wheels for themselves.

Business Model of Qane Motors

This business heavily relies on the business acumen and market expertise of Mr. Faisal Qane. Since its launch, he has engaged positively with clients around the world to deal in the sale and purchase of luxury cars (trade). Dealing in luxury cars is a demanding skill as the buyer and the seller need to be informed about the latest features and current market trends, it’s a job specifically tailored for trained professionals like him.

The success of Qane Motors can be gauged from the fact that over the years, it has expanded its business operations and has now a footprint in various regions of the world. It has luxury car showrooms in Qatar, Dubai, and other Arab countries.

Mr. Faisal Qane is the only individual in the Arab world providing updated luxury cars to his clients. He has many connections importing luxury cars from North America and selling them in the Arab world. This process is quite elaborate as it requires getting clearances from Customs at the ports and also insuring the vehicles against any unforeseen circumstances.

At every step, expert handling of the operations is needed and Mr. Faisal Ali Qane and his team provide the best services in the luxury cars industry. For them, it’s all about establishing long-term meaningful relationship with the clients and also attracting business prospects for future growth.

Future Outlook

Considering the tremendous progress that the company has seen over the past few years, it’s safe to assume bright future prospects for it. Despite the global meltdown, this company continued to demonstrate exceptional growth potential and has been showing positive numbers. As the world shifts its focus on modern technology and luxury cars, Qane Motors is well on its way to clinch the top spot in the world of luxury cars trade.

Successful business operations is just one aspect of the company’s growth strategy, the other important component is providing top-notch customer support to its clients. Any business that engages with the company is bound to get the best experience in the market when it comes to luxury cars. Their staff is specifically trained to deal with all sorts of customers ranging from newbies to experts in the field.

Final Words

Qane Motors is an endeavor of Faisal Ali Qane and depicts his passionate love for luxury cars. It is an essential part of Qane Holdings and continues to perform well as a subsidiary. In the long term, the company aims to expand its operations across the globe and become a household name for luxury cars.